A Better Way
to Register Your Dogs & Cats

If you’re a cat or dog breeder, you know the hassle that comes along with registrations and keeping everything in order. Let us help make your life easier.

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A One-Of-A-Kind Animal Registry

GEARegistry offers registrations for both cats and dogs through an easy-to-use, custom designed online portal.

But it doesn’t stop there — we believe we can make a change in the industry. We give our clients access to the necessary information and guidance to help them be better, more ethical breeders. We see dogs and cats as family members. So ensuring they can grow up in a healthy, loving environment is also a top priority.

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A Central Place to Manage Everything

GEAR Hub provides instant access to all the relevant information about your kennel or cattery and the ability to easily add new litters and send puppies or kittens in for registration.

Breeding Pairs

Add and view information about all your breeding dogs.


Add and track your matings easily online.


Add and register your litters with ease.


Easily request transfers to new owners online.


Access pedigrees for all the animals you have registered.

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Discover GEAR

We believe knowledge is power. So, we have created a section dedicated to knowledge and information about our furry friends that we love so much.

Knowledge Base

Learn more about your furry friends.


Helping dogs and cats less fortunate.

More Reasons To Choose GEAR

Besides making your life easier, here are a few more reasons why GEARegistry is the right registry for you.

Whippet Speed

Our swift and efficient service will never leave you hanging.

Animal Relief

When you choose GEAR, you choose a better life for animals less fortunate.

Budget Friendly

An annual fee and a litter registration fee. Transfers come free.

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Feel the Love

Ready To Join The Family?

It’s a no-brainer. Spend more time with your animals and managing your business, and less time on admin and waiting.

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