Breeders Code of Conduct

Last Updated: January 10, 2022

When becoming a member of the Global Exotic Animal Registry there are a set of rules you will need to adhere to. You as the breeder will need to agree and commit yourself to:

  • Strive to bring each canine’s/ feline’s natural qualities, beauty, temperament and conformation to perfection through careful breeding selection, using the official GEAR breed standard.
  • Continuously attempt to become more knowledgeable regarding the various canine breeds that you specialise in. Evaluate and document traits present in a breeding dog’s immediate and extended family and refrain from using dogs for breeding which, although seemingly unaffected with a specific physical or temperament defect itself, consistently produce afflicted offspring with different mates. Acquire sound genetic advice before considering line or inbreeding (incest).
  • Strive to breed only physically and mentally sound dogs that have not been identified having hereditary disorders, in order to produce only healthy dogs, free of genetic and heritable defects.
  • Keep complete and accurate records of all litters, matings and genealogies and not later than 6 months of date of birth provide the buyer with a valid registration of genealogy, unless registration materials are withheld and a written statement is provided to the new owner of when and under what conditions they will be provided, e.g. until the time of spay or neuter by the new owner is verified by a veterinarian by any date before the puppy reach adulthood and become able to produce a litter.
  • Provide all persons acquiring dogs from you with appropriate documentation on dietary, immunisation and inoculation requirements; also encouraging prompt qualified medical attention should they become sick or injured and to educate the newcomer about dental issues and regular cleaning if necessary.
  • No Puppy or Kitten should leave your kennel/cattery, to their new owner, before 8 weeks old.
  • Employ careful screening practices for potential puppy owners, regardless of whether it is for breeding or as a pet only, and maintain contact with the dogs and their owners to be able to monitor and evaluate the development of my breeding program and to remain available for advice and mentoring at all times.
  • Provide your clients with a written purchase agreement for all puppy/kitten sales and stud services.
  • Actively promote quality and integrity in breeding programs, thereby making it of paramount importance to protect and improve the GEAR breed standard, heritage, quality, temperament and welfare of the breed.
  • When desiring to withdraw my membership, to do so by giving written notice of such withdrawal by email to Take note of the fact that if a member has withdrawn or ceased to be a member, they can be reinstated provided all their obligations to the Registry have been met.
  • Adhere to the rulings that a complaint lodged by a member against another member must be in writing in which case only GEAR will decide whether or not, or which, if any, disciplinary actions to take. Note that GEAR will refrain from getting involved in any and all disputes unless proven that animal cruelty has taken place and the necessary legal authorities have also been notified.

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