Boston Terrier

Average Height

30 - 38cm

Average Weight

5 - 11kg

Expected Lifespan

13 - 15 years

The American Gentleman

Originally bred as fighting dogs, the Boston Terrier is one of the most loving and gentle dogs around today. The breed is named the ‘American Gentleman’ because their black and white coat resembles that of a tuxedo. The Boston Terrier is a very affectionate breed, making them perfect additions to your family.

The origin of the Boston Terrier is very unclear. No one has been able to pinpoint how this breed came to be. There are many speculations and assumptions, but none that have proved to be factual and correct. This breed falls into a group of dogs called brachycephalic. This term means that the dogs lower jaw is in proportion to the body, while their short upper jaw gives their faces that pushed look.

Prone to having sudden bursts of high energy, these dogs need plenty of exercise. So be sure to take them on walks with you and keep them active.The Boston terrier can be a tad bit stubborn, but standing your ground and being patient with them is vital.

The Boston terrier blends incredibly well into family life. Their size is not too small and not too large either, making them great companions for children.

The Boston Terrier Anatomy


Head is free of wrinkles, has a sudden brow and a well-defined stop. Skull is square, flat on top, with flat cheeks. Muzzle is short, wide and deep. The length of the muzzle shorter than the width and depth. Jaw is broad. Ears are small and carried erect on the head, they are situated as near to the corners of the skull as possible. Eyes are large and round, they are set square in the skull. The outside corners of the eyes must be in-line with the cheeks. Nose is black and wide.


Neck is slightly arched and sets neatly into the shoulders. Shoulders are sloping and well laid back. Back is short, squares off the body. Topline is level, curves slightly towards the rump. Chest is deep, with good width. Forelegs are set moderately apart, elbows stand neither in nor out. Pasterns are short and strong. The thighs on the hindlegs are strong and well-muscled. Stifles are bent and set true. The hock joint is well defined, let down and turn neither in nor out. Feet are round and compact, with well-arched toes

The Boston Terrier Coat and Colours

Two distinct colours on the coat.

  • Black & white
  • Seal & white

Mixture of black, brown, tan or gold in a “tiger stripe” pattern.

  • Black brindle & white
  • Seal brindle & white

Some Boston Terrier Traits

Grooming Frequency

Common Medical Conditions in Boston Terriers

This occurs when the lens of the dog’s eye becomes opaque and loses transparency; appearing cloudy. When the lens is…

This occurs when the dog’s kneecap is dislocated from its normal position in the groove of the thigh bone. When…

Short-nosed dogs face various upper airway problems. A brachycephalic breed may experience partial obstruction of the upper airway due to…

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