Average Height

56 - 69cm

Average Weight

35 -60kg

Expected Lifespan

8 -11 years

The Guardian Angel

The Rottweiler originated in Germany and was bred to carry out difficult tasks. Rotties were commonly used to pull carts for farmers and butchers. Not only were they used in the farming industry, they were used in the military and police to sniff out illegal substances.

The Rottweiler is a very proud breed and that can be seen in their muscular chest. Although they have been used to perform hard tasks, they are still seen as one of the best guardian dogs amongst families.In general, the rottie is a calm breed. They are very alert dogs and have the instinct to protect their loved ones. However, without the correct and consistent training, this breed can easily become destructive.

It is important to note that this breed is very active, so they need lots of exercise to work out that energy or your yard will become a mess. Rotties that are socialised and trained correctly, learn how to handle their protective instincts. As a result, they become very playful, gentle and social dogs around their families and other animals.

If you are in need of a guardian angel and a loving family member that you are willing to consistently train with structure and firmness, then the Rottweiler is a perfect match for you.

The Rottweiler Anatomy


Head is of medium length, broad between the ears. When viewed from the side, forehead line is moderately arched. Stop is well defined. Zygomatic arches are well developed. Muzzle is broad at base and slightly tapers towards the tip. Ears are medium-sized, set well apart and are triangular. Eyes are of medium size, they are neither protruding nor receding and are almond shaped. Mouth has a complete scissor bite.


Neck is muscular, moderately long and slightly arched. Chest is broad and deep, as well as roomy. Shoulder blades are long and well laid back, upper arm is the same length as shoulder blade. Forearms are straight, muscular and set well apart. Pasterns are strong, springy and almost perpendicular to the ground. Elbows are well under the body. Back is strong and straight. Loin is short and well-muscled. Croup is broad, slightly sloping and of medium length. Hindquarters angle balances that of the forequarters. When viewed from the rear, hind legs are straight and are set well apart, to accommodate for the body. Hind legs are muscular, with a broad and long upper thigh. Stifle joints are well-bent. Rear pasterns are almost perpendicular to the ground. Tail is is an extension of the top line, can be carried slightly above. Outer coat is of medium length, straight and coarse. Undercoat is present on neck and thighs, though it should not show through outer coat.

The Rottweiler Coat and Colours

Two distinct colours on the coat.

  • Black & mahogany
  • Black & rust
  • Black & tan

Some Rottweiler Traits

Grooming Needs

Common Medical Conditions in Rottweilers

This is when there is a malformation of the hip joint. The hip joint is made up of a ball…

This condition involves multiple developmental abnormalities of the elbow joint, such as abnormal growth of cells, tissue, or bone. If…

This is a narrowing of the aortic valve, which controls the blood flowing from the left ventricle to the aorta…

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