Yorkshire Terrier

Average Height

20 - 25cm

Average Weight

2 - 4kg

Expected Lifespan

11 - 15 years

Delicate Darling

The Yorkshire terrier is by far one of thee most popular dogs in the US. With their unique personality and distinctively small size, it’s no wonder that they are so popular. The yorkie was initially thought to be used to catch rats in mills in early years.

Yorkshire terrier dogs are very affectionate towards their owners. They love nothing more than to always be by your side. As much as they love attention, they are also very curious animals and this tends to land them in big trouble. Leaving your shoe on the floor is never a good idea around a yorkie. The yorkie is also very weary of strangers. They are highly alert dogs and will bark at any strange noise that they hear. Because they are so weary of strangers, they tend to be very possessive of their owners when a new pet is brought home. It is so important to have a yorkie that has been socialised correctly when they are born, to avoid any aggressive or scared behaviour towards new animals.

If you have really young children in your home, it is not recommended to have this delicate darling around them. Yorkshire terriers make great companions and if you want a cuddle buddy then the yorkie is bound to be a great choice.

The Yorkshire Terrier Anatomy


Skull is small and slightly round on top, muzzle is not too long. Ears are triangular, erect and set high on the head. Eyes are medium in size and can vary in colour, most commonly dark brown and hazel, in rare cases they can be partially or fully blue. Nose colour is most commonly black, but can be brown as well. Mouth has a perfect scissor bite.


Compact with level back. Forelegs are straight, with the elbow neither pointing in nor out. Hind legs are straight when viewed from behind, when viewed from the side the stifle has a bend. Tail may be docked at a medium length, undocked tails may be straight or curl above the back. Coat is long and straight with a silky texture.

The Yorkshire Terrier Coat and Colours

Two distinct colours on the coat.

  • Black & tan
  • Steel Blue & tan
  • Brown & tan
  • Gold & tan

Three distinct colours on the coat.

  • White, brown & tan (Biro)
  • White, black & tan (Biewer)
  • White, gold & tan (Golddust)

This pattern has random splotches of dark pigment that are overlay a lighter shade of the same colour.

  • Black, grey & tan (Blue Merle)
  • White, black, grey & tan (Blueberry)
  • Tan sable (Red Merle)
  • White & tan sable (Mulberry)
  • Brown, caramel & tan (Chocolate Merle)
  • White, brown, caramel & tan (Chocoberry)
  • Gold & tan (Gold Merle)
  • White, gold & tan (Goldberry)

Black-tipped hairs; the background colour will most commonly be gold, silver, grey, or tan.

  • Tan sable (Ocean Pearl)
  • Brown sable (Chocolate Ocean Pearl)
  • White & tan sable (White Ocean Pearl)
  • White & brown sable (Chocolate White Ocean Pearl)

Some Yorkshire Terrier Traits

Grooming Frequency

Common Medical Conditions in Yorkshire Terriers

This occurs when the dog’s kneecap is dislocated from its normal position in the groove of the thigh bone. When…

This is when there are low levels of blood sugar (Glucose) in the dogs body. Glucose is a main energy…

The portal vein is an important blood vessel which enters the liver and allows toxic elements in the blood to…

This is when there is a degeneration of the retina, or photoreceptors within the eye that aid in the ability…

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