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Welcome to the new and improved GEAR. Things have changed…oh but what a beautiful change it has been. All the changes and improvements we’ve made have all been for you. We want to be more than just a “Pedigree Provider”, we want to provide you with an all-round experience.

Here’s a little background on who we are. When we were first founded in 2016, we had no idea we would become what we are today. We wanted to be a registry for ethical and caring breeders, breeders who shared the same love for animals as we did, and still do. We knew breeders needed a fast and efficient way to register litters and they needed pedigrees that gave them the most useful information. In 2017 we started registering Cats as well, for the same reason we started with the dogs, everyone needs a reliable registry for their fur babies. We aim to provide our clients with the most reliable and efficient means to register their litters and manage their kennel/cattery.

And that brings us to today. Thanks to all the breeders who trust and support GEAR we have been able to create something amazing for you all. Not only have we been able to make the experience for our clients amazing, we’ve also been able to create something for all the animal lovers out there.

From the get go when members login you will be greeted by a new & improved dashboard, showing all your current litters and their young, you can also access all your males and females straight from the dashboard. Never will you have to worry about losing your papers again, everything is right there for you, giving you easy access anywhere and anytime.

We know that you also need to give your puppies and kittens amazing homes to go to. So we created the Pet Finder page where your litter young will be automatically loaded to when they are registered. No hassle for you other than replying to the enquires, which will be emailed straight to you.

GEAR is in the perfect position to give back, and that’s exactly what we plan to do. We created the GEARelief fund as a way for us to give back to shelter animals in need, whether it be with food, blankets or volunteering to help out. With your help we will be able to make a huge difference in their little lives.

On our new site you will see that we have a new Breed Bios page and a Blog (well you’re here right now). We plan on providing you with helpful tips and a deeper understanding of your dogs and cats. Knowledge is power! We plan on releasing a blog every second week and updating our breed bios until every dog and cat has a place of its own.

With that said and done, we hope you enjoy this experience that we created.

Back to chasing my tail, have a lovely day!

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