Your First Puppy

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So you’re thinking of getting your very first puppy, oh what an exciting experience this can be!

But don’t take it likely, it can be quite some work in the beginning, that’s why they call them ‘Fur Babies’. All the hard work is worth it though when you get home and see those big eyes staring at you, while their tail wags out of control.

When you bring your puppy home for the first time they will be very excited and most likely want to explore everywhere, under couches, in cupboards and they’ll definitely want to know what those little wires are, hanging from your most valuable possessions.

Taming the Little Beast

Training is key to keeping peace in the household, no one wants to come home and see that their new shoes became their doggo’s new toy. Some preventative measures for this could be: keeping your belongings in places in the puppy can’t get too, keeping cables in an enclosure or tucking them away. Crate training is also an option, this is when the puppy is placed in a crate while you’re away from home (crate must be big enough for them to walk around in). Even putting up a baby gate in a small section of the house for them to run around in works perfectly.

Potty training a puppy can take some patience, some just know where to go and others like to test us. The key to potty training your puppy is a routine, generally taking your puppy outside, to a certain spot, with you in the morning, after lunch, exercise and before bed, so they can do their business. If you live in apartment a pee pad can be used in the same way, keeping it in your bathroom or a place easy for them to access. A little positive reinforcement is also a good thing, giving them a tummy rub or a treat when they’re a ‘Good boy/girl’.

Tender Loving Care

Grooming your new puppy is needed to keep their coat and skin healthy. How often you need to groom your puppy depends on their breed. Longer coats usually need more grooming, to keep out knots. Some breeds have double-coats, they tend to shed a lot more, grooming them daily will help keep the loose hairs to a minimum. When bathing your puppy be sure to use lukewarm water as to not burn their skin. Dog’s skin is sensitive, so be sure to use a dog shampoo, as normal shampoo can irritate their skin. Just like with potty training, some positive reinforcement is good, it’ll keep them from hating bath time and make your life easier.

Dental hygiene is also very important, your dogs teeth will need attention. Get a toothbrush that will be small enough to fit in your pooches mouth and dog toothpaste. Please do not use your Colgate on your doggo, it is terribly bad for them. You want to gently brush your dogs teeth about once a week. This will prevent plaque and tartar build up that essentially lead to gum disease.

The Essentials

There are a few things they’ll need when they get home:

  • Be sure to get food that goes well with your dog’s dietary needs, this will keep them living a happy and healthy life.
  • Your puppy will definitely need their own toys, this is a good outlet for their teething, instead of them getting a hold of your shoes.
  • A cosy bed for them to lay in, unless you want them taking all the space on yours.
  • They’ll also need a collar, but remember that they will grow out of it, so save the fancy collars for when they’re fully grown.

We hope we’ve been able to show you a few new tricks in taking care of your future puppy.

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Now back to chewing up some homework!

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