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So you’re getting a kitten and you’re starting to question whether you know how you’re gonna do this…Well you’re in the right place now. We will give you all the basic tips you’ll need in order to confidently take that kitten home and give it the best possible life.

It’s Not Just Beauty Sleep

Kittens sleep a lot, between 16 – 20 hours a day. During this time they need to build up and strengthen their immune system and sleeping does just that. So be sure to get your kitten a comfy bed, because if you’re looking for them, that’s where they’ll be. Also remember that cats are crepuscular, meaning they are more active around the times of dusk and dawn.

Just Show Me

One of the coolest things about kittens and the cat breed in general is that they require minimal to no potty training. It is in a cats instinct to use a litter tray. You’ll need an easy to reach litter tray for your little fur ball, filled with a kitten litter of your choice. All you need to do then is show your kitten where the tray is and there you have it. Note it is important to change the litter often to keep their toilet clean and not have an unpleasant smell in the house.

Lets Be Friends

The next thing you’ll want to do often with your kitten is socialise with them. Pet and play with your kitten as often as possible so that they don’t become skittish as they get older. When you pet your kitten and play with them, you actually form a bond with them and that’s essential with cats. To encourage your cat to play with you, introduce some toys, this will stimulate your kitten’s mind and have them doing flips with a toy a mouse. Get fluffy toys and soft balls that your kitten can chew and smack all around the house. A scratch pad is also essential so that your lovely leather couch does not become a scratch pad. Not only will it keep their nails clean and in top shape, it will keep them occupied as well and get rid of the itch to mess up your furniture.

I’m Hungry

Your kitten will need the right food. Make sure to get food that is suitable to your kitten and their needs. Kittens need enough nutrition in their diet to grow properly. That means getting them food that is protein-rich, high in fiber and calories. As a young kitten they will need to be fed more often throughout the day, around 4 times. When they start getting older, around 9 months, you can feed them about twice a day. Contrary to popular belief, milk is not good for cats, they cannot digest it properly and it can lead to an upset stomach.

Take Care of Me … When I Want

Grooming your kitten will not only prevent them from shedding everywhere. Each time you groom your kitten, you form a bond with them.  Start grooming them at a young age so that they can get into the routine, and won’t completely hate it when they’re older. Use a fine tooth comb to collect all the shedded hair. And don’t worry about bathing your kitten as that won’t be needed, unless they’ve found themselves covered in mud…

With that said and done, we hope you’ve learned a few things that would help you with raising a kitten.

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Does anyone smell that cat nip?

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