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Firstly, There is such a thing as ethical breeding.

Let’s take a brief moment to discuss breeding before we jump into what makes an ethical breeder. If certain breeds did not mate, then those breeds would not be around today. Breeding helps preserve the existence of animals. Without breeders some breeds may not exist today, for example the Cane Corso neared extinction during the mid-20th century. However, there is a right way of breeding, and of course a wrong way of breeding. So let us take a look at what makes an ethical breeder:

Passionate about what they do

An ethical breeder is passionate about their breed. Whether they breed dogs, cats or birds, an ethical breeder is passionate about their animals. Now, how do you determine if a breeder is passionate or not? Passionate breeders treat their animals as if they were their own children. In many cases, their animals are treated better than their children, but they won’t admit that. Their animals are seen as part of the family and not just baby making machines. They are treated with love, respect and consideration.

Knowledge is power

An ethical breeder has vast knowledge about their breed. These breeders are so confident in their knowledge and experience within the breed. They should freely answer any questions you may have without hesitation. Be sure to get clued up on the animal that you are buying too. So do not be afraid to ask the breeder questions, like:

  • Has the puppy/kitten had their inoculations and deworming?
  • Has the puppy/kitten been vet checked?
  • Are there any health concerns with this specific breed?
  • Do they get along well with other pets?
  • Are they potty trained, if not, how do you go about training them?
  • How is their personality?
  • How often should we feed our puppy/kitten?

My baby, my choice

Now, another point that is very important to note is that ethical breeders are picky about who gets to take their animals to their forever home. This is one of the most difficult processes a good breeder goes through because they need to know that their baby is going to a safe, loving home. Not just any home. An ethical breeder would make sure of this.

This is my playground

The biggest factor in ethical breeding is the animals environment. Ethical breeders create a sanctuary for their animals to thrive in. Their space is clean, secure and fun. If a breeder breeds pit bulls for instance, the amount of space the breed needs is taken into consideration. The breeder would need to make sure that there is a large amount of space for the animals to run and play in. With that being said, the environment that the animals are in says a lot about the breeder. Ethical breeders make sure that their environments are going to suit the needs of the breed and that the space is constantly clean.

Groomed to perfection

While we are on the topic of clean spaces, another factor that determines an ethical breeder, is the hygienic state of their animals. An ethical breeder ensures that their animals are always groomed and kept clean at all times. Appearances are everything and this means the animals must not only feel their best, but look their best too. Some breeds need more attention than others, and the breeder will know exactly how to take care of them.

Health and diet

Now a crucial factor of an ethical breeder is the health in which their animals are in. It is very important to an ethical breeder that their animals receive their necessary vaccinations and medications when needed. Ethical breeders do not skip this step on their breeding process. Not only are their offspring healthy, but their older animals too. Their health is incredibly important and their diet plays a huge role too. An ethical breeder provides their animals with the correct diet their breed needs.

Putting their needs first

An important part about ethical breeding is to know when to start breeding a when to stop. This is focused more on the females individually because they are the ones who go through more physical changes and risks. It is so important to skip a female’s first heat. This promotes a healthy growth for your breeds. With that being said, it is also important to give your females a break. Know when to stop. When you have stopped using specific breeding pairs, it is important to have them fixed. This will prevent accidental matings and various cancers within the specific breed.

Next time you are looking to buy an animal from a breeder, just have a look at these factors to determine whether the breeder is ethical or not. After all, you are going to be adding a member to your family. So it is important that you make sure your family member comes from the best breeder and is in the best shape.

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  1. I fully agree with you. My woofs is my children they stay in my house. Played outside as they wish. My Yorkies are beautiful and yeah my Pomeranians. They are our Loyalty kids. Yorkies they are very busy. Playing always. Not always the cleanest because they are like too dick wholes play in mud or swim in summer times with us. My dogs is my proud my everything. No they don’t come near the female’s when they in season. They kept then far away from the opposite breed. No X By X. Any questions feel well come too asked me. Thanks RIEKIE

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