Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

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Top 6 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Have you ever looked at your dog and thought, ‘it’s a good thing you are cute’? Well, we have all been there. It is no surprise that some dog breeds are more intelligent than others. Based on how quickly a command is understood would determine how perceptive your four-legged friend is.

Stanley Coren, a psychologist, conducted a series of tests to determine which dogs are considered the most intelligent of the bunch. Stanley Coren based each dog’s intelligence on their ability to follow instincts, obedience, and ability to adapt. Stanley observed over 200 dog obedience judges and recorded the top most intelligent dogs.

Here are the top 6 most intelligent dogs that have rightfully earned their ranking and title:

Border Collie – 1st

It is no surprise that the Border Collie takes first place. These skilful dogs can pick up and learn social cues quickly. The Border Collie can do just about any command taught to them.


Poodle – 2nd

Under that luscious coat is a slender body that allows them to be great hunters and swimmers. No matter the size of the poodle, their high intelligence score has made them great at retrieving.


German Shepherd – 3rd

The German Shepherd is a powerful combination of intelligence and athleticism. They are not only loyal, but they are also excellent protectors and love being part of the family.


Golden Retriever -4th

The Golden Retriever is not only one of the friendliest dogs, but they are also among the smartest too. It is no mystery why Golden Retrievers are excellent therapy and search and rescue dogs.


Dobermann Pinscher – 5th

Seen as one of the best protection dogs in the world, thanks to their speed and strength, their best feature is their intelligence.


Shetland Sheepdog – 6th

The Shetland Sheepdog thrives in daily routine. Being a very observant breed allows them to keep track of roaming animals for long periods.


Noteworthy Mentions

While these are considered the top dogs, we have decided to include three more breeds that are truly noteworthy:


If there is one dog that takes centre stage, it is the Papillon. The Papillon loves being the centre of attention. Their innate intelligence allows them to learn tricks at a faster pace, and they enjoy doing it.

Australian cattle dog.

The Australian cattle dog is known for being very playful. They are used for herding flocks of cattle for long periods and can do so without supervision.


If your dog did was not on the list of top dogs, do not stress. Your dog might not be Einstein, but what they lack in innate intelligence, they make up for in cuteness and heightened senses, like hearing or smell.

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