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About Asher’s Farm Sanctuary


Asher’s Farm Sanctuary is a registered PBO and non-profit organisation, established with a mission to inspire compassionate living by raising awareness about factory farming. Ashers provides a place where these animals who have suffered abuse and exploitation can be free and live out their days in a peaceful and loving environment
by offering a permanent home to over 30 farm animals. They aim to educate people on the principles of good stewardship and shared understanding that no life belongs to another.



The Day

When we arrived we were greeted by one of the founder’s daughters, who proceeded to tell us all about the vision her father had for Asher’s and why they started it. Their main purpose was to educate and hopefully change people’s perception of animals and show them the benefits of a cruelty-free life both for humans and animals.

We were then taken around the 8.5ha plot and show all the animals they have rescued, from small Broiler Chickens to huge Nguni Cattle. All came from different backgrounds but have found a safe haven in Asher’s Farm Sanctuary. When interacting with some of the animals you can see how happy they get and just want to be loved. Other animals are a bit more sceptical because of the past they endured, but Asher’s makes it their mission to give these animals a better life with more love and care.



Volunteer Work & Asher’s Corner Café

Asher’s Animal Farm does allow day visits and volunteers, if you want to volunteer be sure to contact them to schedule a day. Be ready to do some hard work as you might be cleaning out the stables, water and clothes you can get dirty are recommended.

If volunteer work isn’t your thing you can still support Asher’s by donating or visiting their on-site café and store. Their store and café have a variety of vegan dishes and products. All purchases go towards helping Asher’s Farm Sanctuary maintain all the animals and land.


The Donation

  • 4 Brass Brooms
  • 3 20L Sprout Buckets
  • 10kg of Apples
  • 6kg of Pears
  • 18kg of Carrots
  • 15 Cucumbers
  • 4 Cabbages
  • 4 Bags of Green Beans


Thank you all for your support, without your help these donations wouldn’t be possible.

For more information about them and their mission and vision visit their website,

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